photo of the day



F 1.7 | 1/30 | ISO 800

One of my many, many favorite moments in Istanbul was going out for a walk late on a Sunday night to find an authentic döner kebap, when we happened upon a guy being handed stuffed mussels one after another at the top of the metro station escalator. We couldn’t resist figuring out what was going on, as he was hoovering them down at a quick rate. It took all of a millisecond to understand what was going on when I tried one myself. This photo perfectly encapsulates the attitude of the Turkish people I met: provide for you a new experience, willingly pose for a photo, and smile knowing that they have something special going on in that ancient city.

photo of the day



F 5 | 1/1600 | ISO 400

Hagia Sophia

Working within the parameters of the 28mm lens on my Leica Q is a fun challenge. I know that I would be going to Istanbul with only that camera, and I chose to deliberately challenge myself to it. When you have a zoom on hand you tend to shoot a lot more and end up with less quality photographs. This moment was captured after a few beers adjacent to the oldest church on the planet.