Mirror Selfie


Photographic Autobiography: An Explanation

I recently ditched my iPhone in favor of a Nokia 3310. With this comes the freedom to get away from some social media that was feeling more like an advertising platform than a sharing platform as of late. Bye bye Instagram.  But the question remains: how do I, as a photographer, continue to share some choice photos that might not be representative of my professional work? 

The answer, it seems, is to return to something that I was actively pursuing from 2006-2017 over at kingoden.blogspot.com.  So, in that spirit, but updated a little for the times I live in now, I give you this space.

The photographs here are going to be an attempt to go a little more in depth than an average Instagram post. I want to talk a bit about my process, what the photo represents, and why I took it the way I did. Hopefully, the results will be satisfying to you and I, alike. 

Self Portrait, 2018

Self Portrait, 2018